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Sodium gluconate - C

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Product Details
  A, The product is introduced:
  Sodium gluconate is a kind of many hydroxycarboxylic acid sodium, also known as: 5 hydroxy already acid sodium, molecular formula: C6H11O7Na, molecular weight: 218.14, appearance is white or pale yellow crystalline grain or powder, it is easy to dissolve in the water, slightly soluble in alcohol, not soluble in ether. Mainly used for acid-base balance agent, water quality stabilizer, surface cleaner, cement admixture, etc., use is very extensive.
  Second, The main technical indicators:
Index name the United States pharmacopoeia standard USP (24) edition
Food grade (look forward to mark)
Technical grade (look forward to mark)
White crystalline powder
White crystalline powder
White crystalline powder
≥ 98 %
> 99 %
> 98.0 %
≤ 0.07 %
< 0.05 %
< 0.05 %
Arsenic salt
≤ 3 PPM
< 3 PPM
< 3 PPM
Lead salt
≤ 10 PPM
< 10 PPM
< 10 PPM
Heavy metal
≤ 20 PPM
< 20 PPM
< 20 PPM
Sulfate S04
≤ 0.05 %
< 0.05 %
< 0.05 %
Also the original
≤ 0.5 %
< 0.5 %
< 0.5 %
Loss on drying
≤ 2.0 %
< 1.0 %
< 1.5 %
  Three, The main use:
  1, Is used in medicine, adjust the body acid-base balance, to restore nerve normal function, sodium to maintain extracellular osmotic pressure and capacity, adjust acid-base balance, and give full play to the normal function of neuromuscular plays an important role. This product can effectively prevent the occurrence of low nano syndrome. Based on the same purpose, used in food additives
  2, Excellent corrosion inhibitor scale effect, is widely used in water quality stabilizer, its excellent sex displays in: (1) has obvious coordination effect, suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite, etc. Various kinds of formula; (2) and corrosion rate increases with temperature; (3) resistance scale ability, calcium, magnesium, iron salt has a strong complexing ability; (4) as circulating cooling water and corrosion inhibitor to destroy public nuisance is also one big advantage.
  3, Used for steel surface cleaner: iron and steel surface if need plating pot, chrome plating, tin plating, nickel plating to adapt to the special purpose, the billet surface all needs to pass strict cleaning, make coating for steel surface content and solid combination, at that time the cleaning agent adding sodium gluconate will achieve ideal effect. This point has been the international manufacturing tin some of the big companies that application.
  4, And glass bottle special cleaner: with sodium gluconate as the main formula glass bottle professional cleaning agent can improve the following common problem: detergency is not strong, easily blocked bottle washing machine of nozzle and line; Stick to bottle and bottleneck rust to dye force not ideal; After washing trace residues on food safety is not ideal (such as phosphate residual); Washing water discharge into public nuisance (can't conform to the state provisions of standard).
  5, The construction industry as the water reducing agent, retarder: cement add a certain amount of sodium gluconate, can increase the concrete plasticity and strength, and have block function, or delayed concrete initial and final setting time. Also can be used in electroplating, film manufacture and so on many industrial fields, application prospects.
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