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Ammonium lignosulfonate - C

Ammonium lignosulfonate - C

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  A, The product is introduced:
  This product is a kind of multicomponent polymers, belongs to the anionic surfactant, have very good solubility in water and surface activity, appearance is commonly orange (brown) color fine powder content, dry powder in a small amount of water has a strong adhesivity, at present our company lignin sulfonic acid ammonium MA - 1, 2 series products have been widely applied in refractory materials, ceramic, casting, type coal, feed, organic phosphate fertilizer, coal-water slurry, synthetic resin and adhesive industries.
  Second, The main technical indicators
  1, product property: orange (brown) color fine powder 95% through 80 mesh water: < 3-7% PH: 4-7 water-insoluble: < 2% viscosity: 50% aqueous solution 115 pa s. ignition residue: < 12% stacking density: 0.328 g/cm³ water-soluble: > 36 g / 100 ml fuel: about 84% of pier density: 0.532 g/cm³ lignin sulfonic acid ammonium content: 50-60% 2, product ingredients:
  Organic content: > 80% humic acid: 50.5% total nitrogen: 6.09%, total potassium: 5.33% sodium: 2.22% silicon: 0.071% calcium: 0.4% magnesium: 0.12% iron: 0.06% iodine: 3.58 mg/kg selenium: 0.09 mg/kg zinc: 82 mg/kg total phosphorus: 185 mg/kg 16 kinds of amino acid total content: 3.54%.
  Three, The main use:
  1, This product organic content more than 80%, and rich in nitrogen and potassium, etc, is a good organic fertilizer;
  2, The products in addition to a large number of rich in carbohydrates and nitrogen, potassium outside, still contain zinc, iodine, selenium, iron, calcium nutrition ingredient and so on, also is very good feed raw material;
  3, Has also been widely used in the coal water slurry (CWS) manufacturing, mining flotation, smelting granulation, asphalt emulsion, concrete admixture, oil field production, industrial water treatment, environmental protection resin, ceramics, refractory material and construction, energy, chemical industry, light industry, etc.
  Four, Packaging, storage and transportation:
  1, Packing: Lined with plastic film for external use polypropylene woven bag double packing, 25 kg/bag.
  2, Storage: Store in dry and ventilated place, should pay attention to moistureproof damp. Long-term deposit not metamorphism, such as has agglomerate, crushing and/or dissolving does not affect the use effect.
  3, Transportation: This product non-toxic and harmless, system not inflammable, explosive or dangerous. The car, train transportation all can.
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