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Magnesium lignosulfonate

Magnesium lignosulfonate

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Product Details
  A, The product is introduced:
  This product is light yellow pigments disc, the effective content is lignin sulfonic acid magnesium, is phenyl propane derivatives, the anion surface active agent, has the good solubility in water. Cohesive force is strong, concentration increase viscosity is strong, when the concentration of more than 50%, bonding degree increased significantly. Chemical nature is stable, not easy combustion, is not easy to explosion. Can compound modification, processing into different USES of the product.
  Second, The main technical indicators:
Analyze project
Lignin content
≥ 50
≤ 7%
PH value
≤ 1.5%
Also the original
≤ 17%
R ion
≤ 1%
Stacking density
  Three, The main use:
  Use its caking, dispersion, lobster and sexual widely used various industry, in order to improve the physical and chemical properties, saves the cost and improve the efficiency.
  1, Strengthening agent
  In the refractory material, ceramic products production in a water reducing, plasticizing, flocculation effect, etc. Can also be used on casting industry, as the sand mould auxiliary binder, cohesive force large and solution avalanche sex is good.
  2, Mineral powder binder
  Smelting industry will mineral powder and made the mixed mineral powder ball, after drying into the kiln, improve the smelting recovery, also can be used as a dressing agent.
  3, Modified products used for concrete water reducing agent
  Adding quantity 0.2% - 0.3%, can reduce concrete mixing water when 10% - 15%, and reduce the water cement ratio, cement saving 10% the left and right sides, improve concrete workability, liquidity anti permeability, improve the concrete strength and the dense sex, with early strength effect, shorten the time of coagulation, improve the compressive strength, at the same time reduce the concrete slump loss.
  4, Antiscale and corrosion inhibitor
  For industrial containers and pipeline, which has a antiscale gentle erosion effect, improve the containers and service life of pipeline.
  5, Coal-water slurry dispersant
  It is used in thermal power plant, the use of coal water slurry enterprise, as dispersing agent, and improve the coal power of dispersion and increase the utilization rate and efficiency of coal-fired heating, greatly reduce the amount of coal fly ash, and at the same time reduce the bypass and caking, improve the furnace life.
  6, And other
  This product can be used for tertiary oil recovery of chemical agent, oil field drilling mud thinners, and used for sealing well. In addition, also can be used in the asphalt emulsifier, feed adhesive, refining agent and so on, also widely used in pesticide processing, type coal production, tanning of packing, carbon black granulation and soil, sand dune, dust control, etc.
  Four, Packaging, storage and transportation:
  1, Packing: Lined with plastic film for external use polypropylene woven bag double packing, 25 kg/bag.
  2, Storage: Store in dry and ventilated place, should pay attention to moistureproof damp. Long-term deposit not metamorphism, such as has agglomerate, crushing and/or dissolving does not affect the use effect.
  3, Transportation: This product non-toxic and harmless, system not inflammable, explosive or dangerous. The car, train transportation all can.
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