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Calcium lignosulphonate - B

Calcium lignosulphonate - B

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  A, The product is introduced:
  Calcium lignosulphonate (hereinafter referred to as wood calcium) is a kind of multicomponent polymers anionic surfactant, appearance is claybank powder material, slightly sweet smelling, molecular weight is in commonly 800 to 10000 between, have very strong dispersion, cohesiveness, chelate sex. At present our company calcium lignosulphonate MG - 1, 2 and 3 series products have been widely used as cement water reducing agent, pesticide suspending agent, ceramic body enhancer, coal-water slurry dispersant, leather tanning agent, fire-proof material bonding agent, carbon black pelleting agent and so on, in all kinds of industry use, favored by the majority of users welcome.
  Second, The main technical indexes (MG) :
Claybank powder
Lignin content
PH value
Also the original
  Three, Main performance:
  1, Used as a concrete water reducing agent: mixing cement amount of 0.25 ~ 0.3%, can reduce water consumption 10 ~ 14 above, improve concrete workability and improve engineering quality. For use in the summer, can restrain slump loss, usually with high efficiency water reducing agent compound with use.
  2, Used as mineral binder: smelting industry, with calcium lignosulphonate and mineral powder mixed, make mineral powder ball, after drying in the kiln, smelting recovery can be increased greatly.
  3, Refractory material: manufacturing refractory brick and tile, use calcium lignosulphonate do dispersant and adhesive, can significantly improve the performance, and has the water reducing, enhance, prevent crack and good results.
  4, Ceramic: calcium lignosulphonate used in ceramic products, can reduce the carbon content increased green strength, reduce plastic clay dosage, mud good liquidity and improve yield 70-90%, sintering speed by 70 minutes reduced to 40 minutes.
  5, Used as feed adhesive, it can improve livestock and poultry or feeding habit, particle strength good, reduce feed micro powder quantity, reduce powder return rate and reduce the cost. Die of loss reduction, production capacity increased 10-20%, the United States and Canada in the feed is allowed in the mixing content is 4.0%.
  6, And other: calcium lignosulphonate also can be used for refining agent, casting, pesticide wettable powder processing, type coal pressed, mining, choose mining ore dressing agent, roads, soil, dust control, leather tanning packing, carbon black granulation, etc.
  Four, Packaging, storage and transportation:
  1, Packing: Lined with plastic film for external use polypropylene woven bag double packing, 25 kg/bag.
  2, Storage: Store in dry and ventilated place, should pay attention to moistureproof damp. Long-term deposit not metamorphism, such as has agglomerate, crushing and/or dissolving does not affect the use effect.
  3, Transportation: This product non-toxic and harmless, system not inflammable, explosive or dangerous. The car, train transportation all can.
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